I’m Omar, Birmingham-born, Birmingham-raised. For the past decade, I’ve been helping exceptional small brands to connect with their audience. My work has been described as distinctive, high-touch, kind on the eye, gently persuasive and memorably original, but to me it is the clear, defined strategic positioning that gives my work the edge. This is what gives my work real business impact. And I’m not just talking about general business impact. I’m talking about the specific business impact that comes from selecting an audience, and targeting them with the right messaging.

Honestly… You don’t care about my vision or values. I’m only worth what my work achieves for you. Well, here’s my pledge: My work will have a positive impact on your communications with everybody. This will have a positive impact on your brand, its attributes and perceptions. This in turn, will have an impact on your business. It will generate more leads, more free trials, more units sold or more customer acquisitions – however you measure success.

There’s no rags to riches backstory here. I’m not purpose-driven or particularly people-focused. My Instagram isn’t full of cool parties and awards I’ve won. I don’t have a meme-quote mission statement on the wall. In fact, I don’t even have walls – I have a little office above an opticians that I share with some great people – but most of the time I work from my spare room, the kitchen table, the train, coffee shops, your conference room – wherever. I’ve been socially isolated since birth, so the ‘new normal’ is just “business as usual”. My little boy wakes me up at 6am every day, I regularly get into week-long pun wars on WhatsApp, and I’ll take a glass of pinot noir, if you’re buying.