All prices are in GBP.

Website Production 2500 5000 7500
Meeting to define the strategic position. 0 0 0
15 (max) page sitemap, functionality, plugins and navigation plan. 450 450 450
Digital stylesheet comprising logo, font selection, accent colours and elements, social assets. 450 450 450
15 (max) page responsive design and development, full layouts, stock photography and graphics, social integration, plugins. 1100 1100 1100
12 months hosting with amazon web services, lets encrypt ssl certificate and monthly wordpress and plugin updates. 500 500 500
15 (max) pages of bespoke, commissioned copyriting/copyediting. 300 words per page. 1500 1500
SEO Package including google search console, google analytics, yoast, all pages optimised for correct keywords. 1000 1000
One day photo-shoot with professional photographer Tom Bird, commissioned, art-directed and post-edited by me and added to your site. 1000
Animated logo, animation on and between pages, bespoke explainer infographic. 1500
E-Commerce Add 2500
Woocommerce, stripe integration, shop design and up to 25 products added with descriptions, attributes, seo and professional photography.
Monthly Traffic Management 500 1000 1500
Monthly meeting to define the strategic position 0 0 0
Increase organic search traffic and authority for defined keywords (day) 500 500 500
Increase referral traffic (day) 500 500
Increase paid traffic with google adwords (day) 500
Launch My Business 9995
Setup 999
Meeting to define the strategic position
Purchase domain with godaddy
Create mailchimp account
Create, write, design facebook channel
Create, write, design twitter channel
Create, write, design instagram channel
Create landing page with logo and story, booking and contact optional.
Integrate social channels
Integrate mailchimp
Integrate google analytics
Setup and integrate google my business
Announcement 1999
Photoshoot by Tom Bird
Article by I Choose Birmingham
Article by Style Birmingham
Website 2999
Bespoke design (up to 15 pages)
Premium theme build with wordpress (up to 15 pages)
Integrate social channels
Integrate mailchimp
Integrate booking and/or contact system
Search engine optimisation with yoast
Integrate google analytics
Integrate google search console
Launch Campaign 1999
Full feature, competition or offer by I Choose Birmingham
Write direct mailer
Design direct mailer
Integrate social channels
Integrate website navigation
Maintenance 1999
12 months web hosting with amazon web services
12 months daily backups (deleted after 7 days)
12 months 256bit encrypted SSL certificate by let’s encrypt
12 months cms and plugin updates
12 months monthly copy and photography changes